Negative loan: know when and how to apply

Many customers ask themselves: why does being negative end up generating above-average interest? Well, this is because the bank recognizes this customer with a higher degree of default and, to compensate for this factor, ends up asking for a higher rate to offset the risk.


What is the best way to pay off my debts?

debt loans

The best way is always to organize your expenses and try as much as possible not to become in default. However, if this has happened – for some reason, the best thing to do is to look for the institution / company where the debt was generated and try to negotiate. to be able to pay off the debt.

When the client tries to negotiate its debt with the creditor company and both sides enter into an agreement, the name will be cleared in up to 3 business days. However, it is important that this negotiation is honored with the payment within the due date, that is, work on your domestic planning and make an affordable financial negotiation.

An option for this type of agreement would be to opt for longer installments with small installments, but that you can pay over time. That done, it is much simpler and cheaper to hire a personal credit service, the rates fall and make interest rates cheaper.


How does Online Consultation work?

Online loans

Did you beat the doubt and you would like to know if your name is dirty or not? You can count, for example, with Boa Vista SCPC. On the service’s website it is possible to view for free there is some financial pending issue, with quick and practical access through the online portal. It is possible to register and have a login and password and then – with just your CPF number, you will be able to access your profile on the market.

Knowing the status of your name is very important since, when requesting a loan for negative accounts, the institutions check and analyze, with the agencies responsible for credit protection, the existence of pending issues and your conduct as a payer in the market. So, if you have a dirty name, do not try to hide this factor when applying for a loan.


Can I Make a Loan for Negatives?

Can I Make a Loan for Negatives?

Yes! However, your chances of having an approved negative loan will be lower and at higher rates. Despite this, it is possible to place an order even negative and direct this money so I was able to clear the name.

This way, when making a new application for personal credit, the rates will be lower and more banks and financial institutions will be able to accept your application.

Currently, there are 3 categories of credit for negative interest rates:

1. Public Servants / Retirees or Pensioners:

In which the payment will be directly linked to the payroll.

2. Property Guarantee Loan:

If the customer can place his home as a loan guarantee

3. Loan with vehicle guarantee paid:

This is possible if the person has a paid car or truck, and can place one of the two as a guarantee.

And you, have you already applied for a loan for negatives with the aim of paying off a debt? Leave your comment and share your experience with us!

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